Our mini special

We believe that no one should miss out on our specially handcrafted coffee, even the little ones. We know how much your mini me wants to copy everything you do, but when it comes to coffee, it’s best to avoid the caffeine. Which is exactly why Volkscafé have come up with the perfect solution to keep you and your little one happy.

Your may be wondering how?

Our Flavicino!

Let your kids go crazy for Flavicinos…they can feel grown up while having a delicious caffeine free treat. We have plenty of sweet syrups for them to pick from, then we add some frothy milk to make them the perfect mini-cinno.

So before you say no when your mini-me asks to share your favourite Volkscafé coffee, think again and grab them the perfect sized mini-cinno to let them feel like the grown up they want to be!

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to an event, get in touch with the team at Volkscafé today…we will also ensure your little ones are super happy with their mini-cinno.