What's Yours?

You can have whatever you like from The Volkscafé. You will be served by a trained barista so you can ask for whatever you like. We don’t mind.


Espresso: What else? Deep, dark and rich. A simple shot that’ll perk you up in no time. Whoosh! What a start to the day.

Latte: A shot of espresso with a big glug of hot steamy milk. Long, milky and piping hot, just the way you like it.

Cappuccino: Let’s get one thing straight: this is no ordinary frothy coffee. Steamed and textured milk atop a shot with a sprinkle of choc. Perfection.

Americano: One two, three or even four shots of espresso with steaming hot water. The hotter the better. Add a dash of milk and sugar to taste.

Flat White: A Kiwi speciality with a shot of espresso and milk-heavy, creamy foam. Half way between a cappuccino and a latte.

Macchiato: A shot of espresso "marked" with a dash of textured milk. Strong but sensitive.

Flavicino: Kids go crazy for Flavicinos. Choose your syrup and add it to frothy milk for a fab caffeine free mini-cinno. Fun fun fun.

Hot Chocolate: Cadbury Chocolate, hot frothy milk. What’s not to love about this? Ask nicely and you might even get a flake and some sprinkles.

Speciality Tea: Not a coffee lover? We've got a large selection of Cosy Tea's in the all the flavours you can imagine, Blueberry, Jasmine, Earl Grey, Lemon Green and Rooibos. If you're more of a 'builders tea' kind of person we've got that too!

Soft Drinks: Ice cold soft drinks and bottled water straight from the on-board fridge.


Our menu is changing constantly because we believe in only stocking the very best of the good stuff. We usually have everything from crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits and muffins to homemade cakes. We can also stock fruit if you're trying to be good!