Terms of Business

Private & Corporate Bookings

  1. Payment: initial payment of £150 due to confirm booking. Balance (if any) due 7 days after event unless alternative payment arrangements are agreed in advance. Any amount over £150 will be invoiced after the event.
  2. Cancellation: more than 28 days in advance - £100 refunded; less than 28 days in advance – zero refund unless we re-let the date, then £100 refunded.
  3. Included hot drinks: if we serve less than the included amount, no discount or refund is given. The hire charge is an attendance fee, not a charge for drinks. Drinks served over the agreed amount will be charged to the organiser at a pre-agreed cost after the event.

General Terms For All Bookings

  1. Non availability: if we cannot attend, our liability is limited to refund of all monies paid to us (if any) for the booking. We will make every endeavour to attend as agreed, and only unforeseen circumstances, for example illness, accident, breakdown, will prevent us from attending. In such case we would attempt to find a similar replacement to attend in our place, but make no guarantee that we would be able to find a replacement. We accept no liability for non-attendance.
  2. VAT: We are not VAT registered, so we do not add or include VAT in any quoted prices or charges. Suitability of ground: If we are directed off road at an event, we shall do so at our discretion and at the sole risk of the event organiser. If we become stuck, it will be the event organisers responsibility to arrange recovery at their cost. We will not be responsible for any ground damage. We expect event organisers to have appropriate insurance arranged.
  3. Suitability of ground: If we are required to operate indoors, for example in an exhibition hall, the event organisers must obtain written permission from the site owner/operator for us to take the Volkscafe van into the building. Also, we would require written confirmation that they have been made aware that the van has an Autogas tank fitted. When indoors, we can operate the espresso machine without using the gas if there is a suitable 240 volt, single phase supply available.
  4. If we are required to operate in a public area, for example: highway, footpath, park or green space, the organisers should obtain written permission from the relevant authority and a fee may be payable to them, which is the responsibility of the event organiser.