NCASS COVID-19 Safety Training

Covid-19 NCASS Training Course

As additional training, here at Volkscafe we have completed the NCASS Covid-19 Safety Training Course.

We follow the NCASS Guidelines for serving during the pandemic, so it’s good to be tested and recognised as having achieved the required standard.

This is in addition to the movie industry-specific Coronavirus Basic Awareness on Production Training provided by Screenskills.

How can you be sure that the mobile coffee operator you have booked is professional?


Ask them if they have taken the above training courses.

Ask them if they are members of NCASS (The Nationwide Caterers Association) and follow their guidelines.

Ask them if they have a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.

Ask them if they have a Food Safety Rating of 5. (That’s the highest rating achievable).

All of the above takes time and effort to achieve, so you know they are professional if they have.