Craft Service For Film & TV Productions

There’s no better way to keep a cast and crew happy. We offer a range of services, we can simply turn up with our coffee van and dish out delicious freshly ground coffee or we can offer a whole range of drinks and tasty snacks! Call us with your requirements.

Our experienced on-location craft service, based in the Midlands so ideally placed to cover the country, provides a quality table of cold snacks and drinks to keep cast and crew going between main meals.

Whilst your location catering will supply all the main meals during the filming day, we’ll provide a varying buffet table full of tasty snacks and tempting nibbles to keep you going for the rest of the time.We’ll also provide an espresso unit manned by a trained barista to keep you topped up with top quality coffees, reviving teas, and other welcome drinks.

Our menu will give you an idea of what is usually on offer. Please note that hot food is not supplied as we leave that to the main caterers.


Freshly Ground Coffees • Regular & Speciality Teas • Hot Fruit Infusions • Hot Drinking Chocolate • Spiced Chai Latte • Water (Still & Sparkling) • Lemonade, Fruit Juices • Milk (Full, Semi, Skimmed & Soya)


Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruit • Freshly Cut Vegetables & Dips • Assorted Danish Pastries • Croissants • Muffins • Sausage Rolls • Dried Fruit, Nuts etc • Donuts & Cakes • Sandwiches • Biscuits, Cookies & Granola Bars • Crisps & Snack Mixes • Quiches • Marshmallows